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Seal Coating

Sealing is necessary to protect asphalt and slows its deterioration.

It protects the surface from spills (gasoline, oil and antifreeze), keeps water from penetrating and prevents oxidation.  Sealer also improves the appearance of the asphalt.

We use Brewer Cote® coal tar sealer that has been manufactured for over 75 years.  Brewer Cote® makes a high quality commercial grade sealer that we fortify.  Latex and black slag sand are added to increase the traction and durability of the sealer.

The sealer is applied by either a broom or spraying.  We usually broom residential drives and small lots.  Larger areas would be edged with a broom and then sprayed with two coats of sealer.

Cleaning to Prepare to Seal


Commercial Seal (Broom) Piqua Napa


Commercial Seal (Spray)Jackson Tube


Residential Sealing