Should seal coating be performed on an annual basis?

No. Sealing your asphalt too much can lead to many problems. Sealer applied annually tends to crack and flake after about 10 years of annual applications or less and may even crack the surface of the pavement.

How often do we need to sealcoat?

Seal coating should be done the first year following it being paved.  After that about every 3 years should be adequate. We recommend a two coat application on a commercial parking lot since is receives more traffic than driveways

Is sealer all the same?

There are different brands and differences in the quality of sealers available to contractors.  A good contractor will choose a product even if it is more expensive so that you are insured years of good protection and value.  Water-borne sealer, also called emulsion, can be over diluted with water.  If diluted properly as specified by the manufacturer, it will provide superior, durable product.  Unfortunately, it can be over-diluted to save money.

Surface cracks always seem to come back, so why bother filling them?

It is important to seal cracks especially in our Ohio climate where we experience freezing temperatures.  Crack sealing is done before seal coating and prevents water from getting down into the blacktop or into the base causing frost heaving.

Why do I need to seal my surface?

Your driveway or parking lot is subjected to slow movement and constant maneuvering of vehicles.  Asphalt can realize a longer lifespan by sealing because it keeps water and damaging chemicals from penetrating the surface. As well as slowing oxidation which makes the asphalt brittle and more likely to crack.

Should the sealer be applied by spray or broom?

Both application methods are suitable under the right circumstances.  The correct process will be determined based on the age of the surface, degree of deterioration, climate, expected use, obstacles and how many coats already exist on the pavement.

How soon after it is sealed can we use our driveway?

For curing purposes we recommend you don’t drive on the surface for 24 hours (48 hours in October).

How soon after it is sealed can we use our commercial parking lot?

Seal coating material needs sufficient time to cure; ideally 24 hours.  If a parking lot is opened to traffic before the material has fully cured, the coating will wear off prematurely.  If you can’t insure 24 hours of drying time, you may consider doing the job in sections.

 Will you make sure not to get tar on our Brick? (or cement, or house etc.?)

We neatly brush all our residential seal coating jobs and edge all larger jobs to make sure we only get material where we need to.

 Can I seal coat my driveway instead of repair or replacement?

Although seal coating greatly enhances the appearance of your driveway as well as giving significant protection against the elements there is no structural benefit to just seal coating your driveway.  If your driveway has low spots, unevenness or badly cracked areas you probably have a base problem and should repair damaged areas or possibly replace the entire driveway.

 How do I recognize a reliable contractor?

Use a local contractor, who can provide a firm bid with a total price for the completed job.  A written quote with all specifications, quantities and costs should be included.  Make sure that the contractor has both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.  Ask for and check the contractor’s references.