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New Asphalt

Asphalt paving can be done for lots and drives of new construction, as well as additions to existing drives and lots.  Paving can be done over suitable existing stone or a new stone base.  If there are no specifications, we can assist the owners in deciding what would be necessary to support projected traffic.  The thickness of pavement is typically 2- ½” to 3” for most car traffic and 4” to 5” for heavy truck traffic.  The types of traffic will also determine the type of asphalt that should be used.

Air Stream

1 Grade Stone

2 Compact Stone

3 Stone Prep

4 Layout for paving





BOB Starke

Straker before

Straker completed

Piqua Bike Path

1 Compact Dirt

2 Install Fabric

3 Install Fabric

4 Install Stone and Compact

5 Install Stone and Compact

6 Passing Stone Density Tests

7 Pave Base

8 Pave Surface

9 Pave Surface